Garrison's NCLEX - RN Tutoring Package


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This purchase will guarantee the buyer at least 15 hours of tutoring in all topics covered on this page. As a bonus, you will receive 29 - 45 minute mp3's on every nursing fundamental learned in nursing school as a refresher course. The NCLEX - RN tests your ability to think always in a leadership role as you practice nursing safely.  


Assessment Package


Are you not sure what to do or how to study for your NCLEX - RN? Can you always choose between 2 answers and always pick the wrong one? Let us spend some time together. I can give you some quick tips now in this hour and we can either come up with a plan or decide the direction you need to take for a successful study towards your boards.


This package consists of 3 - one hour sessions, teaching you how to critically think answering the NCLEX - RN type questions. I will teach you how using the NCSBN Critical Judgment Model and how writing a Nursing Diagnosis along with focusing on Client Need, will help you to choose the right answer when practicing NCLEX - RN type questions on the NCLEX - RN and how to choose the BEST answering while eliminating others.

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Prioritization Package


These 2 - one hour sessions will focus on strategies and concepts that Ms. Garrison has developed over the years. When you can narrow it down to two answers, remember to pick the BEST answer to demonstrate whom you would SEE FIRST when answering priority NCLEX - RN type questions.

Infection Control

This one hour session is concise and to the point. You will learn the transmission routes of various illnesses. You will learn whom can room with whom as well as proper protective equipment.


This will take one to two hours based upon your pace of learning. This session will ensure that you understand all you need to know about triaging in a disaster such as a motor vehicle accident, for example. And, what do do at the scene and whom to see first once they get to the hospital. I will also discuss how to color code victims and how to manage a disaster situation.

All Tutoring Sessions Will Be Conducted On ~ Zoom ~


Reading ECG's Package


This one hour session will teach you all you need to know to recognize strips that will be on the NCLEX and the medications given for said strip. You will also learn the signs and symptoms of various strips and how to differentiate them when answering NCLEX - RN type questions.


Pharmacology & Math Package


These 2 - one sessions will help you completely learn how to do any and all of the Pharm Math questions in one session and in the next, I will give you strategies and tips on how to answer the pharm questions even if the medication is unknown to you the NCLEX - RN exam taker. Don't worry. Your stress ends here.


In these 2 - one sessions, I will help you learn about multidisciplinary team NCLEX - RN type questions. I will teach you the legal aspects of nursing and how to lead your team of nurses. Delegation will also be covered here. Advanced Directives and Nursing Ethics will also be covered in these sessions. Don't over-look this session when placing your order. 


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"If any of you lack wisdam, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him."
James 1:5

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