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The #1 Tutoring NCLEX Review On the Internet
For both RN's and LPN's
Focusing on "expert" Topics and Concepts. To pass, one must get
50% of the expert questions correct.]

1. You will receive Topic in an email with a pdf, audio via mp3 format to follow along with pdf and select questions pertaining to topic.
2. Prepare for tutoring by doing questions as it pertains to topic to be tutored.
3. NO Recording or taking pics unless you have a diagnosed learning condition and need special accommodations at the Test Taking Center. Please let me know!
4. I am but one person so we will tutor at the times agreed upon.
  Individual Sessions Available
1 - 1.5 hours / Session
$50.00 / Session
I am a tutoring service NOT AN NCLEX Review. Due to my services being a Digital Product, there is a No Refund, No Returns. All Sales Final Policy.
popular Aftercare: This is a 2 hour session to make sure you are ready for your exam. THIS IS SOLD SEPARATELY AND IS NOT PART OF COMPLETE TUTORING PACKAGE.
Prioritization [ This will take 2 sessions ]  ( description )
Infection Control  [ description  ]
new Safety Issues: Restraint Use / Proper Forms To Prevent Lawsuits / End Of Life Forms  [ description ]
Multidisciplinary Team / Spiritual Issues  [ description ]
How To Triage In A Disaster  [ description
ECG Strips   [ description ]
Pharm / Pharm Math  [ This will take 2 sessions ]  ( description )
I want all 7 Expert Topics [ $350.00 + NJ Sales Tax ]. I encourage you to call and ask any questions you are concerned about. 856.777.0840

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