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Where Do I Start To Study

Materials Included  For This Review:
One gets a Predictor Exam and an Evaluation Session depending on [ which tutoring package you buy ], you will receive 7 or 8 emails. Each email will include an audio book and an mp3 on each of the following topics:
Infection Control
Legal / leadership
triage / ECG
SATA Concepts
Pharm & Pharm Math
Core Nx Fundamentals [ If you got Garrison's Complete NCLEX Review
All of these things can be done in any order you choose.
What Books Do I Need To Order For Your Review:
Each one of my ebooks included in each of your emails, will come with it's own little set of questions.
Books you need for the course include:
Lippincott's NCLEX Review [ RN ] or [ PN ] -- you can buy it used or new. You can have an older edition or the most recent. If the links I provide are outdated, follow Amazon's newer book links
Also order
Lippincott's Alternate Format Questions [ RN ] pr [ PN ] -- Follow same directions as first book
You need to do 75 - 150 questions each and everyday from books. Not Uworld, not Youtube, not an APP but actually sit quietly and crack open a book. Be alone with just you and your Creator.
How Does The Tutoring Work:
You will need to download [ Skype ] for your device.
You need to call me to set up tutoring.
You may do the topics that you received in the email by following the [ schedule outlined ] unless otherwise agreed upon.
Tutoring is included with each package.
Please study the audio and ebooklet of the topic you want to study. This is all of the tutoring information and why a refund CAN NOT be given if you do not finish tutoring. Tutoring is your responsibility to set up.

How Do I Start To Study Using Garrison's NCLEX Review:
1. You really have to understand WHY you have failed the exam in the past? I have written a [  Mission Statement ] to give you some idea and some insight. Please read the questions and see how they may fit into your situation.
2. I have given you the [ Core Nx Fundamentals ], depending on [ which tutoring package ] you have bought. Please listen to the mp3's at least once, taking meticulous notes the first time. The second time you listen to them, you may listen to them while cleaning, driving in the car  etc.
3. You may do the tutoring sessions any time you wish. In fact, it may be best to do a few sessions right away on Infection Control and Prioritization so that it can put you on the right track.
4. Do 75 to 150 questions a day in the two books that I have recommended to you. If you do 5 questions on Pediatrics and you miss three, then listen to the Pediatrics mp3 in the [ Core NX Fundamentals ]
5. When studying for the NCLEX, one must take a holistic approach. You mind, body and spirit must be in balance with your life and your studies. To help you, I have made several calendars for you:  a [  Weekly Schedule ], a [  Dietary Schedule ],  an
[ Exercise Schedule ] and  a [  Meditation Schedule ]

Getting Organized: In the end, there is only 3 things one must do to pass the NCLEX --
1). Stick to a schedule. Unexpectant things happen this is true, so print out a calendar from number 5. and discipline yourself to stick to a schedule.
2). [ MEMORIZE ALL 50 CONCEPTS ] So that when you can narrow it down to two answers, "What did Anneliese say?" Bam! right answer is picked. 
3). STAY CALM Either by listening to [ POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS ] or [ BY SCRIPTURE VERSES ] or both. listen to one in the morning and one in the evening. Anxiety is a learned behavior.  God does not want us to have the Spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a SOUND MIND.
4). If you ordered my Core Nx Fundamentals, you can follow along on my [ Pinterest Board ]
Thank You & May God Bless You Richly As You Begin Your Journey,
Anneliese Garrison, RN BSN CLNC

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