Tutoring Service Information

assess calendarNow you can access the calender to see what times I have available to tutor you. All you have to do is go to my mail server here
 [ mail.caring4you.net ] Then click on "Login As A Guest". In the email box write "tutoring". This will then show up as the email tutoring@caring4you.net. You will need a "Guest Login" and "Password". This will be provided to you once you have paid for tutoring in the email I sent you. Once there, you will have access to the "Calender", "Notes", "Bookmarks" and "Discussions". You may utilize these links yourself or you may just browse them. You will have access to them so you may do as you please.

When preparing your schedule for tutoring, please keep in mind I like to have 1 hour between tutoring sessions to rest my eyes and voice. I like to do only 2 people on Saturday and NO Sundays. However, nothing is written in stone and if need be, I can be flexible. All you have to do is [ contact me ] and ask.

Click on this link: [ mail.caring4you.net ]. You will then see the screen in the image above. Click on 'here" to sign in as a guest.

SkypeTutoring is done on the free version of  [ Skype ] or face to face if you live in the area.  You will need to purchase a headset to use Skype. A webcam is not necessary.

After you create an account just add me as a contact:.
ID: caring4you.net same name as the website and easy to remember.

Then, contact me for the hours we will be getting together.  I am on EST or New York Time.

I can tutor via skype any where around the world. However, you do have to understand and speak English as the NCLEX is a difficult examination and it will be in English. If you need to pass your TOEFL or IELTS, [ help is available here ].

On the second screen, type in "tutoring" then type in the "Guest login" and "password" you received in the email when you paid for tutoring. Look at the calender to schedule your sessons.

invoiceIf you are getting tutored for FREE or if you have a promotional code or coupon, do not pay using the payal button below. If you do not have a promotional code, don't ask for one please. I give them out on a case by case basis or it will be on my website for you. I will have to send you a separate invoice to your email for your records. You can pay using your credit card via paypal. You do not have to have an account with paypal to use their services. If you do not wish to use a credit card, [ chick here ].

To order number of hours change the QTY to the amount of hours you wish to purchase. 
Private or Group Tutoring
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8 Essential Concepts For The NCLEX
(Must Watch This Video Before Tutoring Can Commence)

sessionsTutoring is a separate service from any other purchase. There is no money back guarantee if you decide to just get tutoring. Two hours FREE tutoring comes when you purchase the entire Caring 4 You NCLEX Review.
Ideally, it takes about 12 hours to completely go through what I like to go through for you to pass your NCLEX. The first session is always 2 hours to go over specific concepts you will need to understand how to answer your NCLEX questions correctly. You do not have to purchase 12 hours. But at the very least, I would get 2 hours of tutoring. For exact specifics, [ contact me ] by phone for details.  How ever many hours you purchase, I will work with what you can afford..You can purchasse tutoring as needed but just keep in mind the scheduling by checking the calender freguently. If you loose your ID or password to access the calander, contact me.

1). For those of you looking at the calender, I prefer to do one hour sessions one to one and a half hours apart unless you contacted me at the last minute. There are exceptions to every rule.

2). If it is marked purple (Closed) then it is a private session and you can not enter.

3). If the space as no time, then send me an email and ask if you can be added in that time slot.  If it is empty it is available.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL RECEIPIENTS: By signing up for tutoring you agree to the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS
Hereafter, you shall be acknowledged as STUDENT.

Hereafter, Anneliese Garrison and / or anyone contracting with Caring 4 You Nursing Services shall be acknowledged as INSTRUCTOR.


It is understood that you may not necessarily be a student and it is also understood that I myself am trained as a Registered Nurse and have no formal teaching credentials. I have been helping nursing students and examinees since 1997 and consider myself an "Expert" on the NCLEX and all things related.

Caring 4 You Nursing Services acknowledges that "things will happen" when it comes time for tutoring both by myself  and by you through no fault of its participants.

1). If a session must be missed, both parties will make every effort to notify the other by EMAIL, TEXT MESSAGE OR PHONE ONLY 2 hours in advance.

2). Upon scheduled time, both parties will wait 15 minutes. If the instructor does not arrive, the session will be rescheduled at a time convenient for the student.

3). If the instructor arrives within the 15 minute time frame, the full hour will be given to you.

4). If the student arrives within the 15 minute time frame, the minutes late will be deducted from the hour. There will be no rescheduling of time missed unless instructor was notified in advance. Both parties shall wait 15 minutes after which, tutoring will be forfieting or rescheduled depending on whom was late student or instructor.

5). If any free tutoring sessions are missed, they will be forfeited.

6) Anything the student decides to do during the tutoring time, will be on their time. (i.e. answering phone calls, walking the dog, eating dinner, getting dressed etc) and the session will end at the regular time.

7). Three missed tutoring sessions without 2 hours,Caring 4 You Nursing Services reserves the right to terminate it's tutoring service without a refund to the student. This shall be left up to the discretion of the instructor.

8). If you have arrived on time and the instructor is not there and if you wish to contact me you may call 856-392-9620. It is not the instructor's responsibility to call you. If I do, it is out of courtesy and not a sense of obligation.

My thanks to all for your cooperation. Please keep this for your records.

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