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The NCLEX changes every few years. According to emails, students had a lot of questions on delegation and prioritization, infection control, pharmacology and yes, even some herbs.

Download an actual 6 hour NCLEX exam demo [here]. FREE

The NCLEX is now focusing a lot on delegation, prioritization, disaster prepareness and infection control.
Infectious Disease Guidelines.

Please print out the following information via a Word Document:
[ Nosocomial Infection ]
7 pages to print out.
[ Airbourne precautions ]
3 pages to print out.
[ Bioterrorism precautions]
7 pages to print out.
[ Contact precautions ]
7 pages to print out.
[ Standard/Universal precautions ]
8 pages to print out.

Infection Control Quiz
These are questions from my seminar. You have to email me for the answers.

I gound this information surfing the web. Good start to study pharmacology.
Pharmacology Study Guide Part 1
Pharmacology Study Guide Part 2

Common Herbs
There are now questions on the nclex about common Herbs. Please look here for the most common ones.

General NCLEX

This site is loaded with free exams.

I was surfing the web and found some free questions. There are 40 questions here. This is not my material so please direct your questions to the site listed.

Clients with complex health problems. 43 questions with rationale.

20 comprehensive NCLEX type questions FREE to try. Instant answers with rationale.

The Learning Centre
Really neat! Creat your own quiz on Microbiology, Pharmacology, Cardiology and Vaccines ....

This is a paying site. But you may do this 20 item test for FREE. Click on FREE TEST and then under TEST MODE click on BEGIN TEST. This is free. The other you will have to pay for.

Nursing Library
hmmmmm ..... OUT OF SERVICE as far as questions but still a good site.

25 general questions. Push search icon to evaluate your test at the end.

Kaplan nclex prep
49 practice questions. GED SAT ACT TOEFL practice tests also available. [registration required but it is FREE]

Sample NCLEX Questions From Find Articles.

Mind & Body

Free Continuing Education Quizzes are a good way to practice question. You must read the articles and submit the questions but the imprtant thing is they are FREE.

25 pediatric questions. It can be graded at the end.

Health Quizzes from ivillage
Tons of free quizzes. Good information here.

The 6 second ECG/EKG
1). You will correctly identify cardiac rhythms (approx. 30) in 6 seconds or less. 2). You will understand - make sense of how the rhythms are being initiated. 3). You will quickly correlate cardiac rhythms with their effect on cardiac output. 4).You will determine which are serious, life-threatening cardiac rhythms.

Podcast with Reading Material
The Heart Auscultation Assistant
The NCLEX now has sounds on the test. You click on the sound and you have to pick what you hear. They are doing this with heart and respiratory.

Learn Cranial Nerves
Excellent site. Each nerve is explained and you can click on a picture~

Assessing Cranial Nerves
It's one thing to learn them. It is another thing to assess them. This site tells you how.

Respiratory Sounds On Talkshoe Episode 52
The NCLEX now has sounds on the test. You click on the sound and you have to pick what you hear. They are doing this with heart and respiratory.

Learn about and Listen to Respiratory Sounds of the Lungs.

Merck Manual -- Lab Values
Not a quiz but it is important to know the general range of important lab values. If you want to view a lab value further, just do a search and articles will appear.

Systems Review style

A & P Tutorial
Don't forget those Cranial Nerves

ABG Practice Quiz
Does not have online answer capabilities. You have to print it out. Answers available.

Acid Base Tutorial

Active Learning Center
Create you own quiz on Vaccines

Rhythm Strip Review
This site has all kinds of practice questions for EKG's.

Top The Doc
Hundreds of General Health Questions. It's a yahoo group but simple enough to join. Great refresher. Remember, "behind every good doctor is a great nurse." :)

Drug Calculations

Jay made this website he writes, basically it's a very simple program that gives you a medication name and asks you what group of medications it belongs to. I made it because I always confuse meds with non-nondescript names and I hope it will help memorizing them by asking you a thousand times what that is. I took all the meds from Saunders Comprehensive Review 3 ed book.This site is not the property of caring4you.net

Math for Meds Equivalents
Forgot your conversions? Here is help!

Frequent Drugs
This module is designed as a tutorial to assist nursing students with preparation for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT). Students will review pertinent information related to medications that require therapeutic drug monitoring.

Pharmacology Math
Nurses must perform dosage calculations when administering medications and intravenous fluids. Pharmacology math requires the nurse to know systems of measurement (metric, household, apothecary, and avoirdupois) and how to convert within those systems of measurement.

Mosby's Drug Consult
this site details the top 200 drugs. For the NCLEX, know the main ones.

Study Web
Mini Math for Meds tutorial and quizzes

Drug Calculations Quiz Page
Metric Conversions; Tablet Dosage; Fluid Dosage; IV Drop Rate

RN Central:
General Drug Calculation Quiz

School of Tutorials
This may be the same as the above link but I am not for certain.

A First Course in Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics. Worth a look to refresh your memory!~

Safety Issues

Safe Environment of Care System Education.
The Safe Environment of Care System is referred to as the EOC System.This is a 98 question test with rationale!

Foreign Trained Nurses

Everything Foreign
Everything you need to know for the NCLEX and coming to America!

What is the NCLEX and How do I apply for the CGFNS?

Test Your English
By requests, I have put together a Test Of English as a Foreign Launguage online practice exams and resourses.

Activities for ESL Students. Quizzes TESL Journals and all kinds of things. Very good site.

Proverb of the day. Quiz for ESL of the day and bilingual dictionaries.

Delegation, Prioritizing and Cultural Issues

Disaster Preparness For Nurses
Purpose/Goal: To provide nurses with an overview of their role in responding to a weapons of mass destruction/terrorism (WMD/T) event or other disaster.

Prioritizing via a Disaster
Everything you need to know about delegation and prioritization for the nclex.

This is not a test but part of prioritizing is knowing how to triage correctly. Please read this -- Especially the part about handling a disaster and ER triaging

Comprehesive 20 quiz question on prioritization! [Free Sample Online]

Prioritizing, Delegation, Decision-Making, and Triage is the foundation for questions and your ability to reason, not memorize -- Only 10 questions. No rationale.

Free Audio Podcasts

Maternity Nursing Podcast
Nursing Lectures On Audio

Help With The NCLEX
By Caring 4 You . Net. Episodes are added freguently. Check back often.

STAT!REF Podcast
NCLEX-RN® Success with Sally Lagerquist, RN, MS
10 short podcasts, too easy but non the less it is free

NCLEX-style management questions

The nclex is starting to ask management style questions. This would also fall under delegation. I hope these help you.

Safe Practice -- Risk Management
A new quiz each month. Good 10 question sets with rationale.

Professional Nursing Practice Decision-Making Quiz
Oakton Community College. 10 questions. Has answers but no rationale

Personal Information
You met me. Now, who the heck am I?
Interactive Sites
Interactivity makes a site great.
All About the NCLEX
Don't forget to tell everyone about this site. All the NCLEX info is here!
Fun and Interesting
Go ahead, take a break from studying and working so hard!
Medical Resources
For profesionals and the home user. This is your one stop shop!
Educational Resources
For instructors and students it's all here!

Since 1997, Caring 4 You has been helping Nursing students pass their NCLEX and offering free resources. Please make a donation now or later in the amount of $5.00 or more. Or just give whatever you can. Your gift is tax deductable and will help Caring 4 You stay up and running.  Thank You.

As far as the rest of what I have, I break it down like this:

I have a whole seminar on delegation and prioritization, which the nclex if focusing on a lot:

If you want to buy just the quiz to this seminar:

This was made a few months ago because of the need via emails and feedback from my web site. It is a whole seminar on infection control and the NCLEX:

If you want to buy just the quiz from the infection control seminar:

And I would like to inform you that if you buy the entire 9 system review, the entire seminar on Infection Control and the NCLEX, and the entire seminar on delegation and prioritization, and you do not pass the nclex, you get a 100% refund. I am happy to say that I have never had to refund any one anything. In other words, they have all passed.

I break everything up because my main priority is to help people pass the nclex and I know they are low on funds so I try to help. If there is something you see that you may want to purchase separately, please email me and I will work with you.

God bless.

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