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Media And Audio

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Physiological Integrity

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Safe and Effective Care Environment

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Health Promotion & Maintenance

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Psychosocial Integrity

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The NCLEX is not scored by percentage of questions correct. It is a pass / fail.
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to see how it works.

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Terms of Tutoring & How To Study
( Listen to this before studying )

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8 Essential Concepts For The NCLEX
(Must Watch This Video Before Tutoring Can Commence)

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Alternate Format Question Concepts

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Legal Terms On The NCLEX

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ECG Strips For The NCLEX


Correct injections for the NCLEX

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Pharmacological Math the Meds

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New Way To Study For  Pharmacology

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Truth be told, Pharmacology is the hardest thing to know for the NCLEX, so what should you do?

1). Know the meds listed below or any other meds others may post in the comments.

2). Start writing down medications that you see on TV commercials.

3). Know the top 10 most prescribed medications.

4). Know the top 10 best selling medications.

5). Watch my youtube videos

6). Listen to my podcast on itunes about Beta Blockers

Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP)

Courtesy of NCLEX Mastery

Know what each electrolyte is for as well. I go over these in tutoring sessions as well.
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Misc Topics


So many students say they are not good test takers or feel confused, depressed and hurt when they fail the NCLEX. Truth is, so many of us feel this way every day. But we have to work pass these feelings of hurt and self - doubt and anxiety and  come back to our true selves. Everything will be fine when the time is right. Please listen to these meditation mp3's EACH morning. Anxiety is a  learned behavior. You can also do things that calm you down by using your senses. Lavender is supose to be claming. So, use lavender soap or shampoo. You can light lavender candles. You can go for a calming walk. You can drink  camomile tea. Some people, as I did, go to their local Health Food Store and buy what is called,  ["Valerian - Hops"]. Valarian root is what they make Valuim from and Hops is the substance they put in beer. (If you are going to do this, test it out first. You don't want to go into the NCLEX without your faculties. You want to be sharp but relaxed.) As mentioned, anxiety and depression is a learned behavior. So, you have to listen to these mp3's, read your Bible or spiritual book and do breathing and meditation techniques EVERY DAY. In this way, relaxing will become second nature to you when you go to test for the NCLEX..

[ 3 minute Meditation ]
( Try and quiet your mind)

cloud [ Postive Affirmations ]
( Listen each morning )

 [ Comforting Scripture ]
( Listen each morning )

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Delegation / Prioritization

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Infection Control

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Misc Topics
(CQI / Preasure Ulcers & More)
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Home Health
(Communty Nursing & More)
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                     Lab Values
PT Times /  HB Level / Liver Enzymes
Cardiac Enzymes & More

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Legal Aspects Of Nursing
(Advocacy / Involentary admission / Confidentiality & More)

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Leadership Role In Nursing
Delegation / Multidisiplinary Team
& More

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Alternative Medicine
(Street drugs / Herbs & More)

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Virtual Classroom

How To Triage
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right answer
[ Choose The Right Answer Per The Nursing  Process ]

Complete Blood Count (CBC)
Courtesy of NCLEX Mastery

This presentation is good but for the NCLEX just know:
   -- Nuetrophils
   -- Lymphocytes

(Core) Basic Nursing
[ Time Zone Convertor ]

[ RN's & LPN's ]

To find out if you passed the NCLEX for free, you can try the Pearson View Trick. DO NOT ask the test center if this works, otherwise, they will fix their site so it doesn't!  [ ENTER ] Quick Results instructions are here as well.

If you had a topic not listed, please post it and I will add it. YOU MAKE THIS SITE THE SUCCESS IT IS.
Med Surg / Fliud & Electrolytes
(Electrolytes / Chest Tubes & More)
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Blood Disorders
(Hemophillia & More)
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Cardiovascular System
(Peridoxocal Pulse / Defib & More)
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Respiratory Sounds

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Respiratory System
(Oxygen Therapy & More)
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Endocrine System
(Insulins & More)
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Musculoskeletal  System

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Neurological System
Epstein-Barr virus / Huntington's Disease / Gullain Barr Syndrome / Cranial Nerves & More
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Gastrointestinal System

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Cancer / Burns / Poisonings & Immunizations
(Hospice Care & More)
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Genitourinary System

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Women's Health / OB/GYN

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Growth & Development

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Psych / Mental Health
(Piaget / Errickson / Ross & More)
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Sensory System

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Please feel free to post a topic you have a question about and I will expand of the topic in question.

Misc Lab Values
Courtesy of NCLEX Mastery

Good presentation but for the NCLEX just know
Total Cholesterol
Uric Acid