The Unknown Symbol by Anneliese Garrison, RN
© written 1/11/90

No one knew his name
but everyone knew him just the same.
He came into our living rooms
as we sat and watched the International News.

He came to us in every major magazine
written by every reporter who was on the scene.

He stood in the streets of Tiananmen Square
halting tanks that crushed the cry for democracy there.

I remember the story clear as yesterday
although it happened in June of last year.

A man stepped out into the street
and for one short moment, stopped that monsterous fleet.

He climbed atop it's turret.
It is his actions for which we give him credit.

He was a symbol for China's liberty.
He was a symbol of hope for China's democracy.

No one knows what happened to him there.
Still, democracy has not yet come to Tiananmen Square.

Let us never forget that unknown symbol
who hoped for what America has made possible.

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by Anneliese Garrison, RN
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