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"Prayer Of A Stray"

Dear God, please send me somebody who will care. I am tired of running and I'm sick with despair.
Dear God, I'm tired, hungry, cold and I'm afraid that I'll never grow old. If you find me a owner, I'll try to be good. I won't chew their shoes. I'll do all that I should. I'll love them and try to obey when they tell me to sit, lie down or to stay.
I've got so much love and devotion to give that I should be given a new chance to live.

The Joy of Mutts

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Picnic in the back yard yummmmmmmmmm

Met the newest member of the the family -- Mommy!~
She was a stray cat from work. She has had 3 different litters of kittens. Charlie B is from her first litter. She has not lived with us very long and is having a little bit of a hard time adjusting to her new indoor environment.
I regret to inform you that mommy did not want to be interviewed at this time as she is not sure what to make of her new found life and environment but we are sure that as time progresses, she will come to love us. She may also be a little moody right now because she still has 5 stitches from when she was spade recently. When we brought her home, she was very dehydrated. She now, camps out at the water bowl! She has taken a liking to Jake right away. He still hisses at Jesse James occasionally. And we are not sure that there is any hope of Charlie B and Mommy getting along at all. Mommy is currently in group therapy and on individual therapy. Group therapy is when we spend time with her in the morning -- all of us together, Charlie B, Jake Dog and Jesse James.-- Individual therapy, is when we spend time with her in the afternoon and let each of the animals spend time with her alone. Always supervised at this point.....:0). She continues to attack Charlie B as he is walking away!....:( But I am proud to say that Charlie is a perfect gentleman. He only runs away. He never strikes back at his mother...... Good boy! Charlie B. Mommy has taken to us, her adoptive parents, very nicely. But she must learn to get along with the rest of the family. She will in time. Here is a picture of me telling mommy to be nice to the rest of the family and everything will be fine.
Finally! She is getting along and her wounds are healed!
----- End of Mommy's Story -----

Charlie's hello (click to listen).
Q: I understand you have a unusual story as to how you came to live with your now mother and father, can you explain the story?
Meow: I was known as a stray cat. I roamed and hunted for my own food ever since I was born. My family were all strays and we took care of ourselves from day one. Well, one night I was trying to keep warm and so I climbed into a warm engine of a car. A few minutes later, someone got into the car and I started to run away. This crazy person started chasing me. I ran under a van, this person crawled under the van and offered me some food and then, when I wasn't looking, snatched me up. I realized this person was not going to hurt me and her arms were warm. I fought and I scratched but I was just a baby who was cold and tired so for all of my efforts, I was just too little to put a hurt'in on anyone. She bought me home and I have taught the family to live with me now...:0)!~

Q: You are an Orange Tabby breed. How did you get the name "Charlie Brown"?
Meow: I was found the day before Halloween and mom had watched, "It's a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" created by Schulz on television earlier that day. Mom also told me that the cartoon movie was created the same year she was born so that makes me feel kinda special.

Q: Do you ever do anything that your brothers get the blame for?
Meow: Absolutely. Jake Dog is known for his big appetite and always wanting to eat. Well, at night, I climb up on the chair and tip over the kitchen trash can. Then, Jake, Jesse and I go to town. Jake takes the food and drags it out the doggie door. Jesse hides under the bed and I go outside for a stroll by the time morning comes. The only one left in the house, and because he left a trail from the kitchen to the bathroom doggie door, is Jake! Jake is always getting yelled at because Jesse and I are smart enough to hide our evidence of any wrong doing!~ hehehe

Q: Do you have a funny story or situation you would like to share?
Meow: I am a staker/hunter by instinct. Well, at night I go on the prowl for baby rats, mice and in the daytime, birds. In the beginning I brought my catch home for mom and dad because I thought they would be proud of me but instead, they got all excited and took my trophies away...:( It was then I realized they don't appreciate these things in the house. Nowadays, I bring them in the house because I like to get the whole house in a uproar. You should see everyone! Jesse and Jake are barking while mom is yelling with her feet off the floor and dad tries to catch me! hehehe

Q: In closing Charlie, what do you love most about where you live?
Meow: I would have to say, dinner. As I mentioned before, I use to be a stray which meant food was hard to come by sometimes. On the streets you couldn't be picky. Now days, I don't eat anything but 9 Lives Veal and it has to be Chunks! Mom and dad always do their best to accomadate me. I just wish they wouldn't get in my face so much and kiss me. But hey, what can I do? It's dinnertime!~...:0)
How Charlie Got His Name
Charlie Brown Passed on 11 days after September 11,2001 which is a date infamous for the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon
May, 1998 - September 22, 2001

It happened on a sunny Saturday morning
Eleven days after the WTC tragedy

I saw you cry all week
As you watched television
You petted me and gave me treats

I went out to get you a present
I got hurt. I was hurt bad.
But I came back to you
And you did what you could do.

Don’t cry mommy
I tried to comfort you.
I waved my tail in pain
It was not in vain.

I don’t know what happened
I just fell asleep.

Hey mom, you know that tragic event
We saw on television?

Well, here I stand on Rainbow Ridge
With the people who are here in Heaven…..

Smile now mommy,
I’m waving my tail back and forth
I bought you a present
Look hard, see that American Flag?

I see a smile break through your tears
I am glad………

----- End of Charlie B's Interview -----

Jake's hello (click to listen).
Q: How long have you lived with your current pet lovers Anneliese and Garry?
Ruff: 11 years.

Q: What is your favorite past-time?
Ruff: Eating!!!!! Every time I hear dad or mom in the kitchen, I come running! I weight 112 lbs now! Yes, sure do live to eat!

Q: Don't you think 112 lbs is a little overweight?
Ruff: Well, as you know Yellow Labs are on the heavier side as they age. I really don't eat much. I have a bowl of cereal in the morning (cornflakes and milk) one or two biscuits through the day and my main meal at night. I only eat Pedigree Mealtime Small Crunchy bits and I won't eat at all if I don't have any table scraps.

Q: Do you exercise at all?
Ruff: Well, I could if I felt like it. We live in the city but there is a doggie door I can come and go as a please with a fenced in yard, but I would much rather prefer to just lay around the house. The most exercise I get is chasing my little brother around and stealing his biscuits. (ruff ruff...:0)

Q: I understand you have two brothers, a dog, Jesse James, and a cat, Charlie Brown, do you get along with them?
Ruff: Oh sure, but I am older and sometimes they annoy me. Jesse and I both get biscuits. Well, I chow mine down right away but Jesse will run around all day with his biscuit and come right up to my face and growl trying to tease me. And Charlie Brown is another story all together. I try to tolerate him. I try to get to know him you know. Sometimes all three of us sit around and sniff each others butts, which is the way we bond and find out where we have been for the day. Now, everytime I let Charlie lay next to me, he puts his paw on my paw but then, for no reason at all, he attacks me with his claws and bits my neck! He stops because I bark at him. I do try to get along with him.

Q: Can you tell me a funny story involving you and one /and or either of your brothers?
Ruff: Well, a couple of times when Jesse was a pup and he was not house trained yet, I took a dump on the carpet in the living room and Jesse got blamed for it. He earned the nickname "Poopy". And to this day mom and dad still call him "Poopy"! (ruff, ruff...:0) And although I have stopped it now, I use to climb up on the desk and knock Charlie's cat bowl onto the floor and eat his food. In the morning, mom and dad would wonder why Charlie made such a mess. But I had to stop this because one night, I broke the desk and I got busted!....:(

Q: In closing Jake, what do you love most about where you live?
Well, I came to live with mom and dad because when I was younger, my owners would go on vacation and leave me outside with no food and chained to a tree sometimes for days! Now, I have the run of the house and I come and go out the doggie door anytime I please. I sleep where I want to sleep and even go for a ride in the truck other than going to the Vet. Yeah, life sure is good!
How Jake Got His Name
----- End of Jake "the dog's" Interview -----

Jesse's hello (click to listen).
Q: How did you come to live your current mom and dad?
Ruff: Well, I was born to into a family of dogs. My birth mother was a Black Beagle and I understand my dad was a wild sheep dog of some short? Well, even though the owners loved animals, they had too many. When I got old enough, they were going to sell me at a public auction for $35.00. My birth mother quit feeding me at 5 weeks because I kept bitting her. That was when I came to live where I am now.

Q: What is your favorite past-time?
Ruff: I love to run outside and bark at everything. I especially have a thing for anything on wheels. I bark at all kinds if bikes, motorcycles and even baby carriages. Mom doesn't like this too much. She tries to tell me not to bark at the children but I am not barking at the kids--- it's the wheels! I also love to rough house with Charlie Brown. We chase each other all over the house!

Q: Does this mean you are not good around people?
Ruff: Well, Jake is much calmer than me and I like people alright. I am a bit high-spirited so yes, I am a hyper around people if I don't know you. This is not always bad. No one is going to break into our house I will tell you that!~

Q: You say you are "high-spirited". Do you do this on purpose or is this just a trait of your particular breed?
Ruff: It definately is a trait. Smaller dogs tend to be hyper. (well, I am not that small. I weight 50 lbs) But I definately do things to annoy the people around me. I love being a "brat" at times. (ruff, ruff...:0)

Q: What sort of things do you like to do that makes you a "brat" as you say?
Ruff: A lot of things! But for the sake of time, I will just mention a couple. In the morning, I go out and get the morning paper with mom. (she lets me out the side door) But instead of giving it to her once I am back in the house, I run out the doggie door and mom chases me all over the yard. I think this is hilarious!~ When I get tired, I give the paper to mom and run under the bed! I also love to tease Jake with my biscuit. Jake always eats his right away and I save mine and we chase each other around the house trying to get my biscuit. Sometimes, Jake barks and makes me jump. I drop my biscuit and Jake eats it! I hate when that happens....:( But if mom is around, I beg for another..:)

Q: Can you tell me a funny story involving you and one /and or either of your brothers?
Ruff: Well, I don't understand what the big deal is but on more than one occasion, I have brought dead, dried up birds in the house to tease Jake with it. Well, not only did I have Jake chasing me around the house for the bird, but mom and dad joined in on the chase too! (ruff, ruff....:0) Mom and dad got it from me and threw it out. I'll try and get another...:0)!~

Q: In closing Jesse, what do you love most about where you live?
Ruff: I can sleep anywhere I want. When mom is on the bed and I want to get on the bed and use the pillow, I just rustle around until mom gets up. Once she is up, I get all snuggled up on the pillow that she kept warm for me and I don't move. She has do make dad move over. (ruff, ruff...:0) Once we are all comfortable, I sleep on my back with my legs up in the air. Oh, the life of Riley!~
How Jesse James Got His Name
----- End of Jesse James Interview -----

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