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$1M Endowment to Benefit Nursing Students

news I would like to thank the staff writers of The Daily Journal, The Press, and The Bridgeton Evening News for the numerous stories that have appeared both in editorial pages and on front pages, the story that appears below was taken from The Bridgeton Evening News Editorial, Wednesday, October 21, l998 Perhaps, to me, this article says it best....

Random Kind Act Reaps Large Reward

George Boyd and Anneliese Garrison Both shun publicity.
Boyd was a Dupont Chambers Works research technician who lived quietly on Hitchner Ave in Bridgeton. Garrison is a Nurse who attended Cumberland County College and is working at the Vineland Developmetal Center.
But, because the two met--he became ill and Garrison was the hospice care worker sent to care for him at home [she was an Aide for Hospice while going to Nursing School at CCC] --The nursing programs at Cumberland County College and Rowen University will reap the rewards of a $1 million endowment that Boyd left upon death. Under the endowment, approximately $50,000 will be made available annually for scholarships for those enrolled in the nursing programs at the two schools.
The funds are earmarked for nursing scholarships at the two colleges--with preference going to Bridgeton residents, followed by those residing in Cumberland County--as well as the purchase of equipment to run the respective nursing programs. Marianne Hoy, Director of the CCC nursing program, called the gift "the most memorable and wonderful thing that has happened to our program" since she has been at the college. Her tenure dates back 24 years. Hoy said she has had several proposals for new equipmet on a "wish list"--never expecting to see the list fulfilled. The endowment will mean the wishes can become reality, she said. She also noted her pride in Garrison, a former student of hers, for helping to obtain the gift.
It is a gift that will touch the lives of many for a long, long time.
For the Bridgeton and Cumberland County residents seeking a rewarding career in a field that pays a fairly decent salary, the endowment will help those interested in nursing but who cannot afford a college tuition--even one as reasonable as the fee that Cumberland County College charges.
Sandra McHenry, chair of the nursing program at Rowan, noted she faces students every semester who are indicationg they have to leave because of the high cost.
The endowment certainly brings recognition to the nursing programs at both CCC and Rowan. Both schools have long taught nursing although neither is renowned for their programs in that field. Having the finances not only to attract students via scholarship but to be able to afford the best equipment through the endowment will certainly boost their reputations.
While Cumberland County College officials are singing happy tunes regarding the $1 million gift, they have been tickled as to the type of product they turned out with Ms. Garrison.
She did her job in rendering care to Boyd at a time when he was ill. Garrison could have been satisfied in knowing she did her job right.
But she lent a personal touch that obviously struck a cord with Boyd. His one-time attorney William Doherty noted Boyd served as a medic during World War II and has family members in the medical field.
Still, it was Garrison who touched his emotions in a way to donate $1 million to advance nursing.
"It is instances like this that make nursing worthwhile," Garrison said. "As nurses, we touch more lives than we realize."
We could not say it any better than she did.

I personally would like to extend my heart felt thank the the family and friends of Mr. George Boyd. For although I have not reaped any monatory gain, this honor and what Mr. Boyd has done for the future of mankind means more to me than any thing on this earth. As nurses we must remember the words of Christ, "Whomsoever giveth a cup of water in My Name, giveth it unto Me." We must remember and live these words everyday. This is what nursing is all about. Thank you so much Mr. George Boyd for I know you are looking down upon us and smiling. You may be gone in body--yes. But you will always be with us in spirit.

~We are all angels with but one wing. It is when we help each other that we can fly!~


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