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Caring 4 You In The News

$1M Endowment to Benefit Nursing Students

Random Kind Act Reaps Large Reward

George Boyd and Anneliese Garrison Both shun publicity.
Boyd was a Dupont Chambers Works research technician who lived quietly on Hitchner Ave in Bridgeton. Garrison is a Nurse who attended Cumberland County College and is working at the Vineland Developmetal Center.
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Scholarship Fund For Nurses

My goal is to have at least $2,000 available a year to pay for 10 students to take the NCLEX

Presently, Garrison pays the scholarships out of her own funds and from proceeds of the services she offers as a computer consultant and web page designer. Businesses can place low-cost advertisements on her web site.
"My goal is to have at least $2000.00 available a year to pay for 10 students to take the NCLEX, Garrison said.
"In the future, I plan to have fund raising events with the help of others. I also want to give them out on the web, maybe" she said, "...and will post the recipients on my web site in the future".
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Thank You Governor

...I was delighted to learn of your great pride in New Jersey and in your profession. I congratulate you and offer best wishes for success with your web site. By dedicating the site to the advancement of nursing and the achievements of nursing students, you can play an important part in fostering aprreciation for the work of nurses and in encouraging young people to consider pursuing a career in health care.

 All the Best,
Christine Todd Witman
Former Governor of NJ July 29, l999

All kinds of News Geared towards Case Managers
Canopy Central

Being a Nurse, I need to address the issues and problems facing nuring today. This section will help you do that.

Nursing Shortage Adds to Patient's Deaths
Nursing Outside The Hospital
World Health Organization
From A Staff Manager Point of View
Senate Addresses Nursing Shortage.
Rep Capps Nursing Shortage Bill
Addressing The Nursing Shortage.
Who Will Care For Us?
Lawmakers Consider Remedies
Occupational Outlook
Managed Care Contributing To Shortage.
What's going on? Fresh signs of a growing shortage
Nursing News
Fullfillment What people can do to find their professional niche?

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