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bullet 10 hours [ Tutoring ]

bullet 9 System Review
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bullet  Delegation ebooklet
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bullet Comprehensive Exam
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Want just a few hours of tutoring?  Group $40.00 / hr
Private $50.00 / hr

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NCLEX Review Package $400.00

Tutoring hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9a; 1p; 4p  EST via one hour sessions. You may join whenever you are ready and we will just continue until all sessions are completed.

Topics are divided into sessions

CORE NX: Surgical Care, Equipment Maintenance, Blood Disorders.   Q's 1 - 15

CORE NX: Cardio, Resp, Endo, and Muscular System.  Q's 16 - 31

CORE NX:  Neurological, Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary, Women's Health, Growth & Development and Peds.  Q's 32 - 46

CORE NX: Women's Health, Growth & Development, Neonatal,

CORE NX: Peds, Geriatrics, Psych / Mental Health, and Sensory System Q's 47 - 62

Pharmacology Q's 97 - 111

Pharmcological Math and Home Health /Community Nursing  Q's 112 - 122
Infection Control Q's 62 - 71

Delegation and Prioritization Q's 72 - 85

Legal / Management / Triage Q's 86 - 96

Frequently Asked Questions:
When can I start tutoring?
If you are paid in full, tutoring can start right away.

What if I get tutoring and then I want the package?
Any money spent on tutoring will be credited towards purchase. I will send and invoice.

How long will it take to get all the tutoring sessions?
3 weeks. I tutor Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

What if I get the package and don't get the tutoring?
Since you have my material, you will only be refunded half the amount.

What if I get the NCLEX Review but I want private tutoring?
You can pay the difference. In this case, 10 hours x the difference of $10.00 is an extra $100.00 dollars.

Can I make payments?
This may be possibe but only in two divided payments. I have to send you an invoice so call me -- 856.392.9620

Can you help me with my anxiety?
[ Yes ] This is a free new service.
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