Line In The Sand by Anneliese Garrison, RN
written 12/13/90

To all the soldiers in the Sanded Field
working under the name of Operation Desert Shield
be proud of what you stand for.
In the mist of our Liberty,
in the mist of integrity,
you are at the core.

It's because of people like you
that I'm proud to be an an American.
Yes, proud of the red, white and blue.

Red is for the blood of the soldiers
who fought for freedom.
White is for the justice
in the mist of this Persian Gulf crisis.
Blue is for honor and faith in all we believe in.
This is Old Glory
The red, white and blue.

Be proud, be strong, be true to the core.
Remember, you are all that America stands for.
God bless you in all that you do.
We hope to see you home very soon.

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by Anneliese Garrison, RN
2000 May be used only with permission by author