Make A Difference: United We Stand--Divided We Fall.

It started with one voice followed by a revolution. Today we are known as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! ~~ A. Garrison,RN

New Jersey Nurses March For Quality Care

When I graduated CCC in May of l996, we participated in a "March On Washington" before we did our "Graduation March".

[FactCheck.Org] Holding Politicians Responsible

[The Nation] Unconventional Wisdom Since 1865

[Presidential Powers Lesson] Interesting Read. Many thanks to Sarah and her local library. Keep up the wonderful work!

Line In The Sand
Diana: Princess of Wales
The Unknown Symbol
Burn The Flag

~ ~Make Your Voice Heard~ ~

Our Government touches all of us regardless of our activism or or political affiliation. We will NEVER have a voice collectively, if we do not speak out individually. Please, take the time to write a letter to Congress in regards to your particular cause. It is our American Right! Yes, the links I have provided do have form letters, but if you write a personal letter, you are more likely to get a personal response. Remember, you only get out into life what you put into it. I received a personal letter from the Governor of New Jersey, Governor Whitman. In which she writes:
...I was delighted to learn of your great pride in New Jersey and in your profession. I congratulate you and offer best wishes for success with your web site. By dedicating the site to the advancement of nursing and the achievements of nursing students, you can play an important part in fostering aprreciation for the work of nurses and in encouraging young people...
[click here for full details]

Pick up a pen! Make a difference!
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