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To thy ownself be true, then thou cans't be false with any other man.

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Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great ones make you feel that you, too, can become great.
~Mark Twain~

I came here to Relax!~


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Join My Student Nurse/Graduate Nurse Webring

Interested in Webcams? Learn about web pages, visit my friend's web pages, go shopping on-line, check out your favorite movie, need something musical? Listen to sports, Listen to radio stations, explore webpage entertainment, free downloads, read the local paper/nursing journals, send cyber greetings, check out radio/television, check out a talkshow. Have a laugh or two with radio/television personalities. You can even listen to some Prank calls for a few laughs via RealAudio

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PC Connection

Crystal Vision

Value Page {On-line Coupons on Famous Brands}

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United States Franklin Mint

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Prof. Neon's TV and Movie Mania
This site is a must see and is responsible for the archives located at the Twilite Zone

Movie Review Search Engine

Yahoo movie pics and Reviews

What's playing at the Movies?

Movie Sounds Page

Internet Movie Database

American Movie Classics

Turner Network Televison

TBS Channel

Turner Movie Classics

Hollywood Online

Warner Brothers Online

TV Guide

Disney at the Movies

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~It's that time of the year again and I love Football. I love the Philadelphia Eagles!~

Let's Go


CBS Sportsline
Official Site
NJ Online Sports
Philadelphia Eagles

Listen to your favorite NFL Team on Audio

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~~Some RealAudio While You Surf~~

Ask the Surf Guru

America's Health Network

KXL: On Computers
On Computers Homepage

Virgin UK Radio on Audio
Science Friday On Audio
Check Out AudioNet Too!

Dr. Toni Grant: Life and Living
Love Phones: Dr. Judy
~You'll need to download Netplayer to listen.~

Health Topics on Audio
Dr. Joyce Browne:Relationships on Audio
Dr. Laura:Talk Radio about Life

Your Guide to Live On Line Events

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*Webpage Entertainment*

Download a message from a friend
~Send personal messages right to the screen of your friend~

Create Your Own Web Page

Visit My Cyber friend's Homepages

Send Virtual Greetings!

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Sit back, relax and read a paper!

Medical and Nursing Journals Online

The Atlantic City Press

The Bridgeton Evening News

Newspaper Association

World Now

The Virtual Newspaper List

National Enquirer Online!

Universal Press



My Yahoo Personal News Page

Philadelphia Inquirer

NBC News

CBS News

ABC News

World of Vitality

Nursing Spectrum

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Send an E-card or postcard to a friend!

As I mentioned before I love to write poems: Well no poem would be complete without being on a card or expressed with a song. Below are some links to my favorite Midi collections and E~cards.

My Poems

All Greetings Have Been Moved Here!

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All your music needs here!

Hollywood MultiMedia Online

My Next Door Neighbor's CD
~available on real audio~

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Radio Stations on the 'Net

Radio Delilah

~My Hometown Radio Station~

Find Your Favorite Radio Station

The 80's Server

MTV: Music Television

VH1: Video Hits One

B101 Radio

Columbia House

South Park

The Simpson's Archive

SciFi Channel

C/Net Television

Comedy Central

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Hey! Did ya know I was a talk show junkie? hahaha check out the sites if you like

Jenny Jones!

Jerry Springer!

Ricki Lake!



Martha Stewart Living

Gayle King Show!

~Caryl & Karylin~ ~Maury Povich~ ~Montel Williams~ and ~Leeza~
Paramount Television
Unfortunately, not all these Talk Shows don't have an actual interactive site just bios!

Judge Judy

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Radio Personalities
The Jerky Boys

Howard Stern
Listen to Jackie the Joke Man on Audio

Howard Stern Related Sites

E! Online

Comedy Central

Arianna Online

Dr. Laura
Listen to Dr. Laura on Audio

Michael Reagan Talk Show on Audio

The People's Court

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