Diana: Princess of Wales by Anneliese Garrison, RN
© written 9/6/97

September sixth nineteen hundred and ninety-seven,
the world held its collective breath--
and wept in unison...

Silently the world listened to clatter of horses hooves,
the marching of soldiers...
smelled the freshness of the lilies placed upon your chest
as you passed slowly by--
We wept and prayed a silent prayer...
and in those prayers, we thanked our God
for giving you to us however brief your time--

For your touch, knew no boundaries...
your smile knew no language--
If one could put a face on selfless love...
it was reflected in your shy blue eyes,
heard in your voice, felt in your touch...
and carried in your heart--

If there is a lesson to be remembered--
it is to give of ourselves...
To give of ourselves unconditionally...
to whomever is in need, no matter what the cause--

You have shown us throught the life you lived...
one who helps a single soul, helps the world in time--

If there is one joyful thought today--
how fitting it is that the Princess of the People,
Queen of Hearts, now sits with the Prince of Peace,
King of Kings--

Your example, will always life in our hearts,
be with us in our thoughts...
may they always be carried out in our actions--
May God bless the world as you smile down upon us today...
and every day of our earthly existence.

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by Anneliese Garrison, RN
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