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This page was designed to help you learn about computers and to suggest some essentials that you will need for your computer such as Instant Message Programs, Antivius Programs, and web essentials. This page is all you need to know to learn your computer! Everything I know about the computer, from my own side business to web page designing, I have learned from the web. Most sites will always be free. Sites marked with a means that I use them and for a fee, it is recommended you get them as well. Sites marked means the site is FREE, to all users regardless of Internet Service Providers and recommended by me. If you would like to have something added to this site, contact me.

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Information On Buying a Computer

Advice by Bob O'Donnell
Know Before You Go
Understanding Computer Components
Tom's Hardware Guide

I can help you [ Computer Consulting]

Tutorials on Peripherals [printers, scanner, webcams ect.]

All About Webcams Webcams and Tutorials Freeware Newsletter
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Table of Contents

Protect Your Computer and You
Virus Alerts
Data Fellows
McAfee Antivrus
Norton Antivirus
Virus Hoaxes
Antivirus Directory

Table of Contents

Software Tutorials

Graphics Tutorials ScreamDesigns.com [paid membership] All kinds of Software tutorials *
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Tutorials on Windows Operating System

How To... Small Networking Guides No Mouse? Use Keyboard
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