A Letter From A College Student by Anneliese Garrison, RN
© written 11/16/90

Dear God,

How are You doing? I heard You stopped by last night. I wasn't in last night because on Fridays, I go out with my other friends. We had a good time too. I didn't think You would want to come with us, so we went without You.

I head you stopped by for me on Thursday afternoon. God, I'm sorry I wasn't in again. You see, I am very busy on Thursday afternoons with my school meetings and all. This past Thursday after the school meeting, I went to my classes, and I didn't get in until late. When I got in, I was going to call You, but I was tired and fell asleep.

I heard You called me on Wednesday. You left a message that You wanted me to go to church with You Wednesday night. I was busy Wednesday night studying for a test I had to take Thursday morning. God, I'm really sorry I missed You again.

I heard You waited around for me all day Tuesday, and I didn't get to see You. I am really sorry about that too. You see, I have classes all day Tuesday, and when I get in, late at night, I watch television and then, I go to bed.

I heard You were asking for me on Monday. Well God, I went home for the weekend until Monday morning and then, I had more classes. After class, I went to the library to study and it totally slipped my mind to call You.

I heard You made a long distance call to me when I was home on Sunday. A message was left for me telling of Your call. We were suppose to meet at church. Well let me tell You, I got in so late Sunday night! I was at the beach all day until the sun went down. It was such a lovely sunset, just beautiful...

You're probably wondering why I am writing You now? Well, the truth is that I am having a hard time with school. Especially, in my Science classes. None of my friends could help me, and I figured if anyone could help me, You could. I remember when I first started college, You and I did everything together. You helped me with my school work, and when I went out with my friends, You came with us too. A couple of times, You kept us out of a lot of seriuos trouble. Remember? You and I spent the weekends together and on Sundays, we went to church together. Yes, those were good days. When You were my Best Friend, I didn't have many problems because You watched over me. I can't say the now.

God, I am writing You this letter for one reason--I wanted to ask You, "Can we be best friends again?"

From Your friend,

p.s. I'll call You first thing in the morning.

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by Anneliese Garrison, RN
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