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TOEFL iBT Speaking Exercise

TOEFL iBT Practice: Speaking ( [ Class 3 of 10 ] ) The speaking section of the TOEFL takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. You will be asked 6 speaking questions. These will appear in green. The first two are … Continue reading

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Virtual Speaking Classes For The TOEFL iBT / IELTS

The Speaking classes on wiziq have begun and today was the first class of ten. I let everyone have the mic that wanted it and I have some suggestions how to improve your Speaking. ([ Class 2 from which these … Continue reading

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Quick Tips For The Speaking Section Of The TOEFL iBT

The independent and integrated speaking competencies required for the TOEFL iBT are formidable challenges, but the following suggestions, if implemented through a regular course of study over an extended period of time, will help you to achieve the speaking confidence … Continue reading

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Speaking Classes For IELTS / TOEFL

Well, I will beginning speaking classes for the IELTS / TOEFL students. The first class will just be an introduction on what to expect on the IELTS / TOEFL. Remember your speaking score is based on: 1. Clear and understandable … Continue reading

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Classes: How To Improve Your Reading

The reading classes on wiziq have come to a close and below are some improvements that can be made with your reading that I noticed over the 10 week period. ( Previous Reading Classes ) Problem: Some could read but … Continue reading

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Virtual Reading Class For The TOEFL iBT / IELTS

Thursday February 24, 2011, the reading classes will be coming to a close. If you have missed any classes, you may view them at the links below: Reading (10 Classes) Class 1: 9 Study Habits For The TOEFL / IELTS … Continue reading

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