A Single Red Rose by Anneliese Garrison, RN
© written 5/98

Today is Mother's Day.
A very special day.
So I decided to express my love for you
in a very special way.

Here is a single red rose for you...
Not two, nor six, nor twelve.
For no one can represent a single rose
better than yourself.

To me, a rose represents the art of caring.
To me, a rose represents the art of sharing.
You are the epitome of love
Sent from the very heavens above.

Every time I see a rose,
I'll pause and think of you.
And remember the very life you live
In all you say and do.

Happy Mother's Day!~

I would just like to say:
No one in the world could be greater
And nothing represents you better

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by Anneliese Garrison, RN
© 2000 May be used only with permission by author