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*Our greatest glory comes, not in our inability to fall,
but in our ability to rise each time we fall*

This Too Shall Pass

~You may or may not know, I didn't pass the NCLEX my first time~

Dear Graduate Nurse:
Hello, let me start by saying that I know you are very hurt right now and somehow taking solace in the fact that other people have failed too, is not much comfort. Now you have to wait to take your boards again. Do I have the picture right at all? If I do, let me say you must pull yourself together my friend. Truth of the matter is that a lot of nurses fail their boards. They just don't tell anyone. All you hear about is how how straight to the point the boards were and how they passed the first time this is what is adding to your depression. Cheer up my friend. I too did not pass my boards. I took the boards not once, not twice, but three times. I wish someone would have given me the advice I am about to give you but I learned by trial and error. Nerves you know---excellent people person but not a good test taker. I studied my butt off. All told, I went through 7000 practice questions and took a Review Course but alas, to no avail until I finally calmed down, I passed my boards.

Here are some tips on passing the NCLEX for your next try. The other thing that is important to do, is to stay positive. I know this is hard to do when all of your friends have passed and they are all working. But remember that everything happens for a reason. Do something constructive. I started this website and my own NCLEX Scholarship at my local college where I graduated. You must remember that while anger is part of the grieving process, it will do no good to want to kill the administrators of the NCLEX test! Keep you chin up. Be positive and try again. Start studying again after you have given yourself a week or two to get over this disappointment.

By now, you are emotionally drained with no more finances. If you do nothing else, I recommend these three books because they helped me to pass the nclex on my third try:

Kaplan: NCLEX-RN 5th Edition 2001 - 2003. This book is very fast and very easy reading. The book outlines 10 different stratigies to answering ANY and ALL types of NCLEX questions. Very, very informative, the chapters are well written and very easy to understand. The CD-ROM has 180 questions that are similar to what you will see on the NCLEX, and it gives you a detailed analysis of your performance to determine your weaknesess. The book also contains a practice test of 265 questions. Answers and rationales are in the back of the book also. Chapter 8 ia all about delegating and prioritizing. It is a short chapter and I put it up on my site for free. Click here now to view the chapter in it's entirity. I truly believe between the book and my quizzes, you will pass the NCLEX!

FIRST AID FOR NCLEX-RN by Appleton and Lange. It gives you tips on how to study, key words on tests, ect. It also rates what books are good to study from and what books are not. So I believe it would be beneficial to check this book out. It covers all important areas with a special focus area. It is broken into categories which enables the person to retain the information. In addition, the MEDS section is well put together, it gives the side effect and nursing implementations.

LIPPINCOTT'S REVIEW FOR NCLEX RN Nursing review with more than 3,000 questions and rational for correct and incorrect answers. Includes a comprehensive practice exam and a diskette with an additional 100 questions. The book is broken into different clinical areas so you can concentrate on your weak area and not spend too much time on areas you are most comfortable with. I have used other books by other authors, but Lippincott's is by far the best because it is the one designed most like the NCLEX. The rationale accompanies both wrong and correct answers so you get a better understanding of the material. The test on disk is also formatted like the CAT test you will see on your testing day. This will help relieve your computer anxiety by allowing you practice before you get to the testing site. This is definitely the book to buy to study for NCLEX-RN. You won't regret purchasing this study aide. I bought this book after my second attempt at the NCLEX, and I passed!

Seventh Edition Available Now
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In closing, although I relize this is no help to you now, Nationally, there is only a 68% passing rate on the NCLEX so you are in good company. I know all you hear about is people that have passed the test. I mean, who in their right mind would plaster the fact that they failed all over a web site? Fact is, I get emails every day from colleges and individuals about failing the boards. You have to get back on the horse that has thrown you and try again. One way to help you get through this is to visit the forums I have available here and talk to others who have failed. These individuals will help you in a non-judgemental, caring environment!

When you finally do pass, don't forget to help someone else. We are all here for each other. That is what makes the world go around .....


You grow by responding positively to change.
Growth means change and change involves risks when
stepping from the known to the unknown.

Your strength and growth will come only
through continuous effort and struggle.
All your growth depends on activity.
There is no development without effort.

Trouble is the common denominator of living.
It is the great equalizer.
Your trials, your sorrows and your grief's will develop you.
Whatever good or bad fortune comes your way,
you can always give it meaning
and transform it into something of value.

Wealth is nothing, position is nothing, fame is nothing.
Who you become inside is everything.

What happens is not as important as how you react to what happens.

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