It doesn't matter why you failed the NCLEX, the fact of the matter is that you did. Over the years I have found that people have done so for the following reasons: 1). They did not prioritize their own life, by not being able to say "no" to their jobs. 2). They had a family member or a friend who was struggling with their [ addiction ] and 3). Due to work struggles and / or family struggles and because they have taken the NCLEX before, now the student (you) may be be suffering from [ anxiety ] or [ depression ]. If it will help you, let's talk it through with you alone or you and your loved one.

There will be no charge until further notice contact me.

BULLET100% confidential

BULLET 100% judgement free

BULLET 100% private

BULLET [ Life Plan Form ] is filled out before hand  [For loved one]

BULLET Via SkypeAvailable on Tuesdays and Thursdays via skype ( no webcam needed )

* I am a Nurse and Self-Management And Recovery Training  Facilitator by profession. [ SMART ]  I majored in Nursing and minored in Psychology. This site was created to help those who would like a place for self - help  in the privacy and comfort of  home. -- Anneliese Garrison, RN, BSN CLNC