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Delegation,Prioritization and Test Taking Links
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[ Delegation Model. ]
Decisions Making Model for Delegations of Selected Nursing Tasks.

[ What is Delegation? ]
Ensuring proper delegation to unlicensed assistive personnel.

[ Delegate Effectively ]
The article below refers to UAP's frequently, Unlicensed Assistant Personnel, but you as the RN can interchange it with UAP's or LPN's. And LPN's can think of UAP's. Same concepts only the chain of command is different.

[ 4 A's of Delegqation ]
Delegation is a recognized and essential nursing skill.

[ How to delegate in a disaster ]
This is a site I put together to explain the difference between an internal and external disaster and how to delegate. This was mainly put together because of the infamous 9/11/01 tragedy that will forever change the course of history.

[ Hints and Strategies ]
Tried and proven techniques to help you with the nclex.

[ Management of Care ]
Know how to establish priorities.

[ How to Choose the Right Answer on the NCLEX ]
How to decide what the question is dealing with through the nursing process.

[ NCLEX Study Tips ]
Proven to be helpful. What I share at every seminar.

[ 14 Rules of Test Taking ]
Dream, believe, achieve.

{$15.00 CD}
First Aid for NCLEX
* LPN or RN [ It says RN but I really think this CD applies to both ]
* 265 Questions
* Test for Mastery
* Save and Continue Option
* Evaluate a Previous Test
* Evaluate Missed Questions
* Review Missed Questions

{$15.00 CD}
Math For Meds
* 300 word glossary
* Audio pronunciation of drug names
* Testing assessment tool with scoring capabilities
* Review questions with answers and rationale
* Practice problems with answers and rationale
* Practice everything from basic math, fractions, conversions to computations of drugs and solutions.
* Your one stop solution for Mathmatics for Medications.

[this is a CD to help you relax for your exam]
*relaxing music by ENYA and ANGELS FLIGHT
*Nature Sounds included to help you relax

NCLEX Audio Prep Cd's {$8.00 a piece}
Thes were tapes converted to CD. Please keep in mind, if you do no get the whole set some previous information on a topic may not be complete or some CD's may have extra information on them.
Surgical Care and Fluid and Electrolytes

Blood Disorders

Cardiovascular Part 1

Cardiovascular Part 2

Respiratory Part 1

Respiratory Part 2

Endocrine Part 1

Endocrine Part 2

Musculosckeletal Part 1

Musculoskeletal Part 2

Neuro Part 1

Neuro Part 2


Cancer, Burns, Poisoning and Immunizations

Genitourinary Part 1

Genitourinary Part 2

Women's Health Part 1

Women's Health Part 2

Growth and Development


Psych/ Mental Health Part 1

Psych/Mental Health Part 2

Psych Mental Health Part 3

These would make a great gift for a graduating nursing student as well!

Information about the live seminar/one on one tutoring

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Dear Anneliese,

I took your seminar and I wanted to thank you so very much for all your help and support through this difficult time. I'm so happy to say that I PASSED my exam with all 265 questions. I'm now officially and RN!!!! So so happy and wanted to thank u again for being so kind and helpful! MBG

I feel that you were very thorough. The outlines were good. The quizzes were very helpful. A+ really helpful tips. WRITE A BOOK! - Kelly

Thanks Anneliese

I passed. I had 75 questions...and over 10 of them were the choose all that apply questions. and tons and tons of who do you see first. That delegation info you gave was fabulous. Thanks again! - Kristina

I honestly think your program is excellent. You go into great detail how to answer and what to look for in a question. Don't change anything in the teaching style! - Carolyn