WHAT To expect for your nclex tutoring services

Your exam date is approaching and you need help. Don't fall for a scam that promises a quick easy way to pass the NCLEX. Studying and doing the work is the only way to succeed, but there is so much information to retain that it can get overwhelming and you're not sure where to begin. You're not alone!
We made it easy for you to get started with Caring 4 You Tutoring Services.


Pick Your Package or Topics

You can pay online by clicking on the price, or call our office.
If you are unsure, you can schedule an assessment (free of charge) to help make your selections.


For packages (or more than two sessions) we have two different tutoring schedules: 3 days a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; or 2 days a week on Tuesday and Thursday. Hours are 9am-8pm eastern standard times.

Begin Your Sessions

Prior to your first appointment, you will receive an email with all your scheduled dates/times and a link to a Zoom meeting room. On the day and time of your tutoring session, you simply click on the link and be directly connected to your tutor for a one on one hour long session. During the course of your tutoring sessions you will be receiving tools and links to help you in your studies. 

Tutor, Homework, Study

 Attend tutoring sessions, do homework assigned by the tutor and allow study time for the NCLEX exam.  Beware that this process is time consuming and serious students will have to treat it like a second job. 

Pass Your Exam

If you put in the work, you will have all the tools necessary to be successful in passing the exam. It's not an easy exam to pass, and some have to take it more than once which means even more money and more time you have to give, so its up to you to put in the work. We can give you tools and suggestions, but ultimately its up to.
Emergency Package

$150 RN
$150 LPN


  • Prioritization
  • Infection Control
  • This package must be completed within a 2 week span. 
Starter Package


3 day schedule 1 Week & 1 Day
2 day schedule 2 weeks

  • Critical Thinking - 2 One Hour Sessions
  • Prioritization - 2 One Hour Sessions
  • Infection Control
  • Tools/Links 
Complete Package On Audio


On Audio At Your Own Pace.
Includes Ebokks and Questions

  • Critical Thinking
  • Prioritization
  • Infection Control
  • Triage & Disaster
  • Reading ECG
  • Pharm & Pharm Math
  • Leadership & Legal
Complete Package


3 day schedule 3 weeks
2 day schedule 8½ weeks

  • Assessment
  • Critical Thinking
  • Prioritization
  • Infection Control
  • Triage & Disaster
  • Reading ECG
  • Pharm & Pharm Math
  • Leadership & Legal
  • Tools/Links
  • SAVINGS of $150 when purchasing this package
Aftercare Package



  • A customized plans offered to students who previously purchased the complete package but needs some extra help. 

Starter & complete packages comes with an assessment & tools/links to materials worth over $150 

Critical Thinking


Includes four-one hour long sessions in which the focus is on how to use the NCSBN Critical Thinking Judgement Model while answering NCLEX questions. Also you will learn how to write a Nursing Diagnosis' to focus on how to answer NCLEX questions and pin point what exactly the question is asking. This is a must for repeat NCLEX test takers. 

Reading ECG Strips


This one hour session will teach you all you need to know to recognize strips that will be on the NCLEX and the medications given for said strip. You will also learn the signs and symptoms of various strips and how to differentiate them when answering NCLEX-RN type questions. 



These two-one hour sessions will focus on strategies and concepts that has developed over the years. When you can narrow it down to two answers, remember to pick the BEST answer to demonstrate whom you would SEE FIRST when answering priority NCLEX-RN type questions. 

Pharm & Pharm Math


These two-one hour sessions will help you completely learn how to do any and all of the Pharm Math questions in one session and in the next, you will be given strategies and tips on how to answer the Pharmacology questions even if the medication is unknown to you the NCLEX-RN exam taker. 

Infection Control


This one hour session is concise and to the point. You will learn the transmission routes of various illnesses. You will learn whom can room with whom as well as proper protective equipment. 

Legal & Leadership


In these two-one hour sessions, you will learn about multidisciplinary team NCLEX-RN type questions. You will also be taught the legal aspects of nursing and how to lead your team of nurses. Delegation, Advanced Directives and Nursing Ethics will also be covered in these sessions. 

Triage & Disaster Mgmt


This will take one to two hours based upon your pace of learning. This session will ensure that you understand all you need to know about triaging in a disaster such as a motor vehicle accident. And, what to do at the scene and whom to see first once they get to the hospital. Also discussed is how to color code victims and how to manage a disaster situation. 

Basic Tutoring


Want just want an hour two of tutoring? Or looking for a few tips and strategies for the exam? Then this is the option for you. Each session is an hour long and you determine how many you want to do. 

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